Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review

Samsung's laptop business is moving towards inevitability, and it requires drastic changes to keep it back on the map. The 13-inch Notebook 7 Spin is not a redeemer, but it is a decent choice for anyone in the market for sub-$ 1,000 2-in-1 with mid-range specs.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review

The convertible laptop has a wide screen and a snapper keyboard and stays cool under heavy workloads. Unfortunately, its combination design, disappointing battery life, and bad webcams prevent us from recommending this type of price beyond 2 in 1.

 Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Design :

If Samsung is going to compete with its rivals, then it must take risks. Notebook 7 is not a turn. 2-in-1 design is so basic that it can be used as a model for emoji laptops - the lack of representation of a simple notebook, including the unique features.
The silver laptops have a smooth plastic chassis, a black key on the keyboard and a Samsung logo chrome on the lid. There are some positive points to consider, such as the nice sinuous edges of 7 turns, which are welcome with aggressive angles, we observe other devices. The chrome border around the touchpad is also a good combination.

Unfortunately, the rotation of the laptop Notebook 7 has a thick bezel on the side of its screen, and the sensor/ignition button of the fingerprint is very sensitive in favor.
The turn of Notebook 7 is so basic that it can be used as a model for laptop emojis: a simple representation of the laptop, which lacks a unique feature.
There is nothing more to be said about the appearance of the Laptop Notebook 7. In fact, its flexible hinges, which allow tablet and store modes, are the only unique element that distinguishes it from the design of the economical equipment. It's a shame because Samsung has released some really beautiful laptops in recent years.

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Continuing the tendency to moderate the notebook 3.2 pounds 7 turn of 13 inches 2-in-1 S is heavier or lighter than. The weight of Lenovo Yoga 730 is just 2.7 pounds, while the Acer spin is slightly heavier with 3.4 pounds. This Samsung is not particularly thin either. 12.4 x 8.5 x 0.7 inches, notebook 7 spin Lenovo Yoga 730 (11.5 x 8 x is greater than 0.6 inches), but Acer spin is more than 5 (12.8 x 8.9 x 0.6 inches) compact.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Ports :

I hope Samsung has added more ports in the turn of the Laptop Notebook 7 and has made some updates.
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review

The laptop's right side is a USB 2.0 port dated, while the left side is a headphone/microphone combo jack, USB 3.1 Type-C port, a USB 3.0 Type A port and HDMI connector.
Because of its size and value, the spin of the Notebook 7 should contain the card reader or the Thunderbolt 3 port.
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Display :

Samsung has a game to make large display devices, and the turn of the Notebook 7 is no exception.
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review
When I saw the preview of the upcoming First Man biopic, the 13-inch, 1080p screen showed an extraordinary amount of detail. When Ryan Gosling comes out of a flight simulator, then I could pull the crease in my white pants because his legs were hardened in front of him.
I could see the dirt behind my helmet after changing my head to see the explosion behind it.
When I saw the preview of the upcoming First Man biopic, the 13-inch 1080p screen showed an extraordinary amount of detail.
The screen also has good color reproduction and accurate white balance. When I saw the trailer for DC Aquaman's next superhero movie, the panel brought Brown and Shout in Jason Momoa's hair down In a fight scene, the contrast between the bright orange explosion and the dark blue water was more melancholy When I visited my favorite news sites, their background was clean white.
The spin performance of the portable 7 had a good performance in our laboratory tests, but the performance of the competitors is also better. The color of the SRBB laptop can reproduce a solid 108.6 percent of the gamma. This is less than the Lenovo Yoga 730 (118 Nights) and Acer spin is slightly lower than the production of 5 (126 Nights), and the average premium laptop category (110 Nights).

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This is also to show brightness. The turn of Notebook 7 reached 280 nights of maximum brightness. This is a good result, but below the total of 730 (282 nights) and the average of premium laptops (307 nights). The screen of Acer Spin 5 is dim in 274 nights.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Keyboard and Touchpad ;

With full-size keys and enough distance, the portable 7 is comfortable to use the keyboard in the turn. Unfortunately, the main reason is a little shallow, only 1.2 millimeters (we like the 1.5 mm 2 mm), and a combination of keys less force needed to register at (64 grams).
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review

However, the keyboard is very good in general. The keys look sad and there is a nice audio collision that provides a tactile response. In the typing test of, I reached 108 words per minute with an accuracy of 95.6 percent. This is close to my average of 109 words per minute with an error rate of 5 percent.
The 3.9 x 2.6-inch touch panel is soft and responsive. I had no problem executing a pinching gesture to zoom in or out. However, a short and quick glide caused the cursor to skip some pixels. A replacement unit sent by Samsung showed the same problems. The Gatekey Touchpad is not a decisive factor, but it is growing on the web several times.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Audio :

Notebook 7 rotary speakers are eligible. They get enough emphasis to fill a room of medium size, but the sound they produce is hollow and inanimate. When I heard Anthony Greene, "You'll be fine," the composer's skirmish seemed distant as if he were listening to it through the wall. There was also no weight of the drum.
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When I heard the death taxi for the new singer "Autumn Love", the tone of Ben Gibbard was clear, but again, it was too far. When I heard "oatmeal in the water", the speakers did a great job of handling the smooth and soft voice of Ben Howard, but during Cristaxo the lack of energy in the guitars made me lose interest until mountaineering.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Performance :

Equipped with Core i5-8250U, 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD, the notebook 7 should not be used to load problems such as loading web pages or playing high-resolution videos. I put it on the doorbell, and it did not get a bar once when I loaded 15 chrome tabs, an Excel document and five web pages in Microsoft Edge. When I played Twitch Stream in two YouTube videos and a 1080p resolution, the turn of Notebook 7 did not have an interval.

By saying this, the spin of the Notebook 7 cannot stay with its competitors. In the general performance test of Geekbench 4.1, the spin of the Notebook 7 obtained 11,374 runs. This is lower than the Lenovo Yoga 730 score (13,750) and Acer Spin 5 (12,265), two laptops of equal value with i5-8250U CPUs. Only the average of Lenovo's premium notebook category (13,657) is at the top.
Samsung creates some faster hard drives on the market, but the 256 GB SSD of Notebook 7 takes 42 seconds to duplicate 4.97 GB files at a rate of 121.2 megabytes per second. Acer spin 5 was fast, at 181.7 Mbps, while Lenovo Yoga 730 SuperQC SSD played at 299 Mbps.
During the Excel spreadsheet test, the turn of Notebook 7 coincided with 65,000 names with their respective address in 1 minute and 33 seconds. This is a few seconds longer than turn 5 (1:26) and the average of the premium laptop (1:30). Lenovo Yoga 730 glazed through work in 1:10.
The performance of Notebook 7 Spin improved with the demand for manual tests, which includes changing the 4K video to 1080p. The Samsung device took 22 minutes and 3 seconds to complete the task, which is faster than the Acer Spin 5 (22:12) and the category average (20:51). Lenovo Yoga 730 also took this round with a marked time of 11:59.

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The Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU integrated into Notebook 7 Spin is powerful enough to be light only in lower configurations. I was struggling with our 1080p dirt3 reference point, playing the racing game at 36.1 frames per second. It is slightly above our 30 FPS gameplay threshold, but it is not as easy anywhere as the Lenovo Yoga 730 (66 FPS) or the Acer Spin 5 (52 FPS) or the Premium Laptop Average (71 FPS).

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Battery Duration :

Unfortunately, the turn of the Samsung Notebook 7 does not last long with a charge. It was tolerated for only 6 hours and 36 minutes in the Mag Laptop battery test, which includes continuous web browsing over Wi-Fi in 150 bright nights. Lenovo Yoga 730 (7:00) and Acer Spin 5 (7:15) DN are also not affected, but Samsung was excluded. The normal battery life for premium laptops is 8 hours and 22 minutes.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Webcams

The VGA webcam (480p) of Notebook 7 Spin is indispensable for the inevitable in the brightness of your room. His image was amazing in our office under Mulayam Prakash. My face looked like an impressionist painting: Blochie, vague and without details. Most of those problems disappeared when I captured

 Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Heat

During our tests, the turn of the Samsung Notebook 7 was remarkably good. The most popular place on the laptop, Underside, played a YouTube HD video in full screen for 15 minutes, after reaching 91 degrees Fahrenheit. It is well below our 95-degree comfort level. The touchpad reached only 79 degrees, and the center of the keyboard was hit by 86 degrees.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Software and warranty :

Notebook 7 Spin is a good dose of Samsung Blutveyr that was to reinstall Windows 10 Start. If you have a Galaxy smartphone, you will be familiar with some applications such as Nokia Messaging and Nokia Gallery. The sound of the Samsung brand application includes Samsung PC Cleaner, Samsung Recovery, Samsung Settings and Samsung Updates.
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review | Techno Tips Review
But wait, there is more. It is a different security software, user manual, a voice recording application and a Samsung folder Wi-Fi camera application that allows you to view your smartphone camera to your PC.
You have to face the Blutveyr standard Windows rate including Crush candy games, Disney Magic Kings, Amazon, Netflix, and Mainkraft.
If you do not want some of this junk, so try to use Samsung PC Cleaner, which is essentially Blutveyr that helps get rid of Butler.

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Samsung Notebook 7 spin ships with a one-year limited warranty. See how Samsung performed in our Tech Support Showdown and in the Best and Worst Brands rankings.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Configuration :

13 inch Samsung Notebook 7 of the turn comes with an Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, 8 GB of RAM and the same configuration with 256 GB SSD.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin - Bottom Line :

Samsung notebook 7 Spin is a decent laptop, a flexible 2-in-1 design, which is good keyboard and bright 1080p screen. But for $ 89, 9, it feels good cannot be compared, which is more than the premium against the same laptop, the battery life lasts longer and provides a better selection of ports.

If you are looking for a sub- $ 1,000 2-in-1, it is recommended to turn Acer 5. Notebook 7 as turn, there is a bright screen and a comfortable keyboard, but it differs from a little more than the battery life, chassis of metal and low price.

Those who do not need to touch the screen, Asus Zenbook its UX330UA our 13-inch Ultrabook. It has a battery all day, an elegant aluminum alloy chassis and a bright and colorful screen. The best, for Samsung's similar glasses, its price is $ 749.In general, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is a solid laptop, but there are better options.

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